2024 Hyundai IONIQ 5: price, range and performance

Hyundai entered India’s electric car sector in 2019 with the Kona, a promising debut that failed to garner widespread attention. Now, the game is changing with the groundbreaking Hyundai Ioniq 5, which is Hyundai’s best electric car in India and its first EV based on a dedicated electric platform.

The question resonates: is this move too revolutionary for the Indian market, especially with a hefty ex-showroom price of Rs 45 lakh? Through this blog we will try to know the answer to this question.

Ioniq 5 exterior

Hyundai IONIQ 5 exterior

The exterior design of the Ioniq 5 is nothing short of gorgeous. Taking inspiration from Hyundai’s first car, the 1974 Pony, this EV seamlessly blends nostalgia with futuristic aesthetics. The e-GMP platform serves as the canvas for an attractive silhouette, whose profile is half hatchback, half crossover. Its clean lines, muscular stance and attractive details give an impression of compactness making it the best electric car from Hyundai in India.

With dimensions equal to Mahindra’s XUV700 and a three-metre long wheelbase, the Ioniq 5 commands attention on the road. Exterior details, such as staggered LED daytime running lamps (DRLs), helical cuts on the wheel arches and a distinctive ‘C’ pillar, contribute to its award-winning design. It achieved the prestigious World Design of the Year award in 2022, a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of automotive design.

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The engineering marvel beneath the skin of the Ioniq 5

Beneath the attractive exterior of the best electric car in India, the Ioniq 5 boasts of an innovative core – the e-GMP platform. This platform features a rear-axle-mounted 217hp e-motor, providing a perfect blend of power and efficiency. The compact design efficiently accommodates pouch-type cells in a slim pack, emphasizing space efficiency. With a 217 hp oil-cooled e-motor propelling power at the rear wheels, the Ioniq 5 ensures a responsive and dynamic driving experience. Complementing its performance is a 5-link independent suspension that contributes to a comfortable and controlled ride.

The Ioniq 5 is testament to Hyundai’s forward-looking approach to recharging. Equipped with an 800-volt system, this EV features fast charging times. The 11kW AC charger takes about 7 hours, while the 50kW DC charger charges 10-80 percent in just 57 minutes. For those who need faster charging, the Ioniq 5’s 350kW charging capacity can top it up from 10-80 percent in just 18 minutes, which is an unprecedented achievement in the EV sector.

The interior is a paradise of comfort and technology

Hyundai IONIQ 5 InteriorHyundai IONIQ 5 Interior

Stepping inside the cabin of the Ioniq 5 is like entering a realm of innovation and sophistication. The cabin design prioritizes spaciousness with a wide, tall layout and flat floors both front and rear. The feeling of airiness is further enhanced by the option to slide the center console backwards, giving a ‘walk-through’ experience. White color dominates the interior, enhancing the perception of openness. The expansive fixed glass roof floods the cabin with natural light, creating an inviting and relaxing ambiance.

Front passengers get large, comfortable seats equipped with a cooling function. A unique addition is the mini ottoman that allows for calf rest, adding an extra layer of comfort. While the absence of massage functions and the unavailability of wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto may be notable, the overall design and functionality of the cabin is commendable.

The dashboard of the best electric car in India adopts a flat and wide design, with aircon controls activated by a touch panel. The twin screens, placed low enough not to interfere with the driver’s view, provide an intuitive interface. The quality and fit and finish, while not quite up to luxury car standards, represents the best we’ve seen from a Hyundai. The cabin of the Ioniq 5 reflects a commitment to innovation while setting new standards in EV interiors.

Rear seat comfort and storage

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Rear SeatHyundai IONIQ 5 Rear Seat

While the front cabin dazzles with its innovative design, the rear seat of India’s best electric car offers a commendable level of comfort. The adjustable feature allows passengers to move the seat forward or backward with the press of a button, adding flexibility to rear space. However, it’s worth noting that rear seat comfort, while good, can’t match the luxurious experience up front.

Following Hyundai’s design conventions, the twin-screen layout at the rear maintains functionality and intuitiveness. Unique features like a glovebox that works like a drawer, ample storage space in the center console and a pad to hold fridge magnets reflect Hyundai’s focus on practicality.

The appeal of the Ioniq 5 includes its unique Vehicle to Load function, a high-capacity feature that is ideal for hassle-free camping. The absence of a spare tyre, replaced by a puncture repair kit, emphasizes the Ioniq 5’s commitment to efficiency and weight management.

Intuitive performance and controls

Hyundai IONIQ 5 performanceHyundai IONIQ 5 performance

The Ioniq 5, with its wide stance and initially intimidating width, surprises with its effortless performance on the road. The stiff chassis and 20 mm raised suspension contribute to a smooth and supple ride, sliding over rough patches and sharp ridges with ease. Its ability to navigate large speed breakers, despite the extended wheelbase, speaks to Hyundai’s focus on control and stability.

On the highway, the Ioniq 5 remains refined, managing road and wind noise admirably. It exhibits some roll in corners, especially during spirited driving, but the direct steering and composed cornering abilities provide a satisfying driving experience. The rear-wheel-drive chassis of the best electric car in India introduces an entertaining element to the driving dynamics, although the raised suspension can present weight transfer challenges during manoeuvres.

The braking system in the Ioniq 5 deserves special mention. The natural feel of the pedal, coupled with the effective bite, reflects Hyundai’s dedication to seamless integration between the electric generator and disc brakes. Although not a speed demon with 217hp and weighing almost two tonnes, the Ioniq 5 surprises with its responsiveness, especially in Sport mode making it the best electric car in India.

Range concerns? not here

Although the Ioniq 5 doesn’t aim to break land speed records, it displays a surprising amount of power when needed, which is why it is considered the best electric car in India. Sport mode, accessible with a firm tap on the throttle, puts the car forward firmly, which is a useful feature for overtaking manoeuvres. With a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 7.6 seconds, the Ioniq 5 balances performance with efficiency.

In Normal mode, a step down from Sport, the driving experience is more relaxed but retains the necessary urgency when needed. Eco Mode, designed for range-conscious driving, ensures the Ioniq 5 remains efficient without compromising performance. The ARAI certified range of 631 km puts the Ioniq 5 at the forefront in eliminating range anxiety. Real-world expectations hover around 480-500km, which provides a practical and reassuring range for daily driving.

Tech-rich driver assistance features

Features of Hyundai IONIQ 5Features of Hyundai IONIQ 5

While the Ioniq 5 invites drivers to enjoy its performance, it also prioritizes safety through a number of driver assistance features. Forward Collision Avoidance Assist, Blind Spot Avoidance Assist, Lane-Keeping Assist, Smart Cruise Control and Reversing Collision Assist are among the safety technologies integrated in the Ioniq 5. These features of the best electric car in India have not been tested. Represents Hyundai’s commitment to enhancing the overall driving experience and ensuring passenger safety.


As the most expensive offering in Hyundai’s lineup at Rs 44.95 lakh, the Ioniq 5 may raise eyebrows. However, its value proposition becomes clear when considering the comfort, innovation and performance it brings. Rear seat comfort may fall short of greatness, but the Ioniq 5 represents a remarkable achievement for Hyundai, delivering a comfortable, well-built and easy-to-drive EV without any significant compromises.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 has emerged as a revolutionary force in India’s EV landscape. From its award-winning design and innovative interior to its impressive performance and efficiency, the Ioniq 5 sets new standards. As the automotive industry evolves toward sustainable mobility, the Ioniq 5 stands as a symbol of Hyundai’s dedication to pushing the boundaries. Prepare yourself for the imminent influx of the Ioniq 5 on Indian roads, which is an epitome of innovation and a strong contender for the title of best electric car in India.

questions to ask

1. Which is the best electric car in India?

Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of the best electric cars in India by Q4 2023.

2. Which is considered the best electric car?

The top performing electric vehicle in its class is the 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6, which has achieved an impressive overall score of 8.3 out of 10. In the luxury electric car category, the 2024 BMW i7 and 2023 Lucid Air have emerged as the best earners. Same overall score of 8.9 out of 10.

3. Which electric car has the highest range?

The Kia EV6 offers an impressive driving range of 708 km, making it the longest range electric vehicle available in India.

4. What are 3 advantages of electric cars?

Electric vehicles offer various advantages over combustion engine powered vehicles –

  • Fuel Cost Savings: Electric vehicles eliminate the need for conventional fuel, resulting in significant savings on gas expenses.
  • low maintenance: The efficient electric motor in an EV requires less maintenance, resulting in reduced maintenance costs over the lifetime of the vehicle.
  • enhanced performance: Electric vehicles often perform better than vehicles with traditional combustion engines, providing smoother acceleration and a quieter driving experience.

5. Which car has a range of 1000 kilometers?

In the past year, Mercedes-Benz introduced the ‘Vision EQ2’ concept car, which set a new record for electric vehicles by covering a range of more than 1,000 km on a fully charged battery – making it the first EV This is the longest distance ever achieved.

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