Ford delays next-gen electric truck and SUV, plans hybrids across lineup

The electric future will take a little longer than originally promised at Ford.

On Thursday, Ford announced its next-gen electric truck, the T3, which will arrive a year later than planned but an unrelated three-row electric SUV will arrive two years later than planned. Subsequently, Ford said it plans to offer a hybrid powertrain in every gas-powered model it sells.

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

The T3 electric truck is delayed

Ford’s clean-sheet next-gen electric truck was due in 2025. The new electric truck, which Ford CEO Jim Farley referred to as “.Millennium Flacon of Trucks,” will now arrive in 2026.

The truck is expected to be one “Incredibly high volume“Vehicle, Farley said in 2021. Ford promoted the truck as “completely inedible, constantly improving and offering towing, hauling, exportable power and endless innovation that owners want.”

The automaker will build Ford’s new Blue Oval in West Tennessee $11.4 billion is committed to spending on a 3,600 acre mega campus. That campus is set to include a new vehicle assembly, battery manufacturing and supplier park.

In 2023, Ford and its battery partner, SK On, were awarded a $9.2 billion government loan for the battery unit portion of the plans. Later in the year, Ford announced it was delaying its battery plant for its next-generation EVs, citing a lack of demand. The first of the two plants is on track to open in 2025, Ford spokesman Martin Gunsberg confirmed to Green Car Reports this morning.

Ford Gen 2 electric SUV after efficiency improvements

Ford Gen 2 electric SUV after efficiency improvements

An electric three-row SUV has been delayed

Ford also announced Thursday Three-row electric SUV What was coming in 2025 is now coming in 2027. The three-row SUV is set to be built at the automaker’s Oakville assembly plant in Ontario, Canada, which will undergo an overhaul to begin assembly in the second quarter of 2024 as planned.

Despite the plant overhaul, production of the next-gen electric SUV has been pushed back two years, “allowing Ford to further develop the consumer market for three-row EVs and take advantage of emerging battery technology, with the goal of providing customers with increased durability and better value,” Ford said in a statement Thursday. .

The seven-passenger electric SUV is described by Farley as “your own personal bullet train.” Ford is targeting 350 miles of range from the 100-kwh battery pack for the three-row family vehicle, but Ford says it will still have a range of 300 miles at 70 mph.

2024 Ford Maverick

2024 Ford Maverick

Hybrids for all

With its next-gen electric vehicles delayed, Ford noted that it plans to add hybrids to every gas-powered model by 2030.

This translates to Ford The hybrid Mustang is a muscle car It was originally promised in 2017. Ford’s hybrid plans indicate that its workhorse, the super-duty heavy-duty pickup truck, and the off-road icon, the Bronco SUV, will receive hybrid powertrain options. The new Ranger midsize pickup truck, full-size Expedition, and everything in between can now be matched with a hybrid powertrain option.

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