Fisker prices as low as $24,000, Tesla freezes them as trade-ins

Fisker has cut prices on its Ocean electric SUV as it relieves a glut of unsold vehicles.

In a move it calls the “Marine a more affordable and compelling EV option,” the company announced Wednesday significant price cuts on the 2023-model-year vehicles that represent the majority of the current Marine inventory.

The US-market MSRP for the 360-mile Ocean Extreme drops from $61,499 to $37,499. The lowest Ultra grade now starts at $34,999—down from $52,999 previously. And Fisker has dropped the starting price of the Ocean Sport grade from $38,999 to $24,999.

2023 Fisker Sagar

Fisker earlier this month A A six-week production break For Marine, assembled under contract by Magna in Graz, Austria, the undelivered vehicles were piled up. Transfer to Fisker A is in process Dealer based sales model To help speed up distribution, some of its original distributors have reportedly already fled.

Existing owners having second thoughts may have trouble unloading their Fiskers. In the posts marked earlier TeslaratiUsers r/fisker subreddit Even Tesla claims to not accept oceans as a trade-off.

2023 Fisker Sagar

2023 Fisker Sagar

Fisker recently reported that A A potential EV partnership with a “big automaker”—reportedly Nissan—but that has since dissolved. That gives the company a financial lifeline. When the marine production halt was announced earlier this month, Fisker said it needed to secure $150 million in additional funding to continue operations.

Fisker has a future product plan that includes Urban EV, electric pickup and flagship GTBut it’s hard to imagine it getting there without new, huge investments.

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